Welcome to the horde

Welcome to the horde … if you are interested in fantasy or especially into orcs and goblins you will get perhaps some interesting points of view from my imagination of the green death. I want to show you more about the social life and environment of this fascinating race with brutal strength and fighting spirit.

Please enjoy …

The horde seems to be full of complicated social aspects, that we don't know now. But it seems to be build on the strength of every individual.
Pendra, magistrate

Who is the horde?

The horde seems to be a mixed bunch of dirty bastards from all kind of “dark” races who like to kill, but if you take a closer look, they don’t simple like to kill …


Goblin war banner


The goblin race is a weaker and lower sub race of the horde. They compensate the lack of size and brutal strength with all kind of dirty tricks and sneaky actions. Even if they don’t make a dangerous impact to others,  with their intelligence and speed they are almost as deadly as their “big brothers”.

Orc war banner


Orcs are the core of every horde, they are strong, brutal and a bunch of badass stinky idiots with a never ending desire to fight and challenge everything. With their pure muscle power they are unarmed as deadly as a full equipped and trained human soldier. The are born for war.


Troll war banner


Trolls are a rare aspect even to a big horde, they are even bigger and stronger than orcs, but they are also a lot more simple minded. All what they want is to kill and eat, so you can find them often lurking under bridges or in rocky environmental for some tasty portions of flesh.

The horde is always on a trek to find a new bloody field of battle. You can't overhear their wild bawl, drums and chatter of weapons, even from a great distance.
Lord Anthony